Applying for the FRCS Tr & Orth

We hope you find this guide to applying to sit the FRCS Tr & Orth helpful.

Step 1

ST6 – ARCP Outcome 1 required

Apply online at JCST website -

Calendar of examination dates here - 

International Applicants: 

Apply online:

Calendar of dates:

Step 2

Structured Reference form – you need to print 3 copies and get two consultants and your TPD to complete them.

Scan the reference forms into your online application.

International Applicatnts - JSCFE Structured Reference Form 

Step 3

Take the financial hit (£520 part 1 and £1,785 part 2) – luckily we have also attached a draft letter that you can send to HMRC (after you have passed) to claim 40% of this back (see FRCS Ortho Tax Letter).

Step 4

The website allows you to apply and record a preferred date for part 2. The earlier you do this the more likely it is that you get the part 2 date you want.

Step 5

Sign up to our FRCS Tr & Orth Question bank to gain access to over 350 viva questions to help you prepare for the FRCS Tr & Orth exam! Find out more.

Step 6

Good luck and get revising!

Step 7

Once you have aced the exam please do drop us a note and let us know about your experience to help others in the future! [email protected]

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